Couples Bible Study

RLM Marriage Ministry

Couples Bible Study

will begin Wed Nov 6th

at 6:00pm. 

All Married Couples are encouraged to attend together.

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Spanish and English Classes

Our Vision Statement:

We envision a multicultural and inter-generational church that changes the world through restoration and empowerment. 


Come hear our new

Pastor Senior Servant

Jermain Maynard bring the word each Sunday. 

Service starts at 11:15am.​

Scripture of The Week:

Colossians 3ch 12-14v                                (NIV)

Please do the following:

1. Read this scripture every day.

2. Find some love quotes & Gospel Music dealing with Love.

3. Married Couples, write a love letter to your spouse. 

Parents/Children, write a letter of love to each other.

Single no Children, write an agape letter of Love to someone. 

Servant J will give a new scripture each week.  He asks that you read a different version of the scripture each day (KJV, NIV, Message).

Our Mission Statement:

We exist as servants of God to create a loving atmosphere that encourages people to return to God’s original design for our lives.

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40 Day Love Challenge

October 20th-Nov 29th

Every 4th Sunday is our Youth Sunday where our youth are highlighted throughout our worship service.